[Perfect Proposal Place]

I’ve just found it !

The place of a dream, the restaurant of all chances, the most magic place in the world to be proposed by some handsome guy you ran into two years ago…

The perfect proposal place for the perfect relationship ever.

Grotta Palazzese Hôtel, Italy

Grotta Palazzese Hôtel

Imagine for just 5 seconds, as the sun sets slowly in the sky in a red, pink and blue colored explosion, your heart is beating faster and faster as the end of the meal comes closer, and your soul mate is in the bright side of the light and can’t help staring at you with his perfect green and sparkly eyes…

THEN comes the very expected dessert, with its +1 glass of champagne… And your soulmate finally finds his words, starting with “I’d like to tell you something…”

That would be big of a deal and the most unforgettable moment in your life !

Want some more photos to have a taste of that moment ?

Take a look at the Grotta Palazzese Hôtel website


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